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Best Stew Recipes For Special Events And Private Events

Cuisines Which People From Different Age Group Can Enjoy

There are certain dishes which can be prepared by both vegetarian as well as non vegetarian manner. Stew is one among those dishes. Anybody who likes thick gravy which constitutes of solid contents could become a fan of this dish. It has a huge history and popular among the people of North American territory. France and Hungary are the two nations which are considered as the originators of this dish.

Stew is one of the best Canadian 5 star recipe. There are around hundred recipes which one can easily find over the internet. However, a few recipes are the famous ones among the folks all over the world. The five best stew recipes for the special events which are exclusively organized for a few number of people are enlisted as follows:

1. Potato Bean Stew:

Stew Recipes

It is purely a vegan dish.

Ingredients which are required for its preparation are potatoes, olive oil, chopped onions, paste of garlic and cloves, chili flakes, tomatoes, butter beans and fresh bay leaves.

1. Firstly one should take a large saucepan.
2. Pour some cold water into it and then add 5 potatoes.
3. Boil those till they become tender. It will take around 15-20 minutes.
4. After that remove the saucepan from the stove and drain the water.
5. Now wait till the hot boiled potatoes become normal to peel. By the time take another pan and pour olive oil into it.
6. Heat another pan for some time and then add the chopped 5 onions, paste of garlic and cloves, chili flakes and ½ kg tomatoes. Tomatoes will expel some juice.
7. Add half cup of water and stir the solution. After that, add the 250 gm. butter beans and 2-3 fresh bay leaves. Salt can be added in accordance to your taste.
8. Now, one can add the previously boiled potatoes after peeling those and then stir the mixture. The stew is ready to serve for 2 people then.

2. Irish Stew

Those who are fond of lamb meat are usually the fans of this exclusive cuisine of Ireland.

Ingredients: 1 kg of chopped lamb neck, half cup of plain flour, 3 brown onions, 3 beef stock cubes, one cup flat aromatic plant leaves, half cup of mint leaves to serve.

1. At first, one should take some plastic bags and put some corn flour into those.
2. Add some salt and pepper to the chopped lamb neck and then put these marinated chopped pieces into the bag.
3. After some time take out the pieces from the bag and put those into a plate. Now a person can use either a slow cooker or an oven.
4. Heat the cooker or over to around 130 degree centigrade. After that, put the vegetables (potatoes, onions and carrots) into the cooker.
5. Place the chopped lamb neck pieces over those vegetables and make a layer.
6. Now take a jar and add water, the remaining flour in the plastic jar and the tomato puree.
7. Mix the content well and at last add the lamb pieces into the jar. Stir the entire mixture, then place it over burner and cook it for 4 hours.

3.Yahni Stew

Stew RecipesIt is a dish which is liked by the people of three nations Greece, Turkey and Persia.

Ingredients: To prepare this dish we need 250 gm lamb pieces, 300 gm chopped onions, orange zest, 2 tablespoonful of butter, 60 ml virgin olive oil, 2 cups of crushed tomatoes and salt and black pepper to taste.

1.Take a saucepan and pour five cups of water into it. Boil it for some time and add lamb pieces into the hot water.
2. Again boil it till the pieces become tender. By the time, take another pan and heat the olive oil into it.
3.Add chopped onions, crushed tomatoes, orange zest, salt, black pepper into it.
4.After some time put the tender meat pieces into this pan and add two tablespoonful of butter. Heat the mixture for around half an hour. In the end, garnish it with coriander leaves.

4. Mexican Stew Soup:

All those people who love to have tasty spicy food they should try this one.

Ingredients: 1 cup diced onions, finely chopped garlic clove paste, 60-70 ml olive oil, 7gm. Taco seasoning mix, 15gm diced tomatoes, 450 gm black beans, 450 gm kidney beans, three cups of cooked turkey, 21 gm of corn, 2 diced green chilies, half tablespoon corn starch and 1 cup chicken broth.

1.Firstly, cook the diced onions in hot olive oil in a pan.
2.Add the garlic clove paste and cooked turkey into the pan.
3.Now add taco seasoning, tomatoes, beans, corns and chilies into the pan.
4.Mix the content of the pan with side spoon and put the blended chicken broth into it.
5.Now, add water and boil the mixture around fifteen minutes.
6.The dish is ready to serve along with corn bread.

5. Bigos

Catering ServicesThis is a stew dish which is considered as the national dish of Poland

Ingredients: 1 cup dried plums, 14 gm. Polish mushrooms, 2 cups boiled water, 1 tablespoonful Bacon drippings vegetable oil, 1 medium chopped onions, 1 small fresh chopped cabbage, 1 fermented cabbage, 1 pound boneless chicken meat and 3 large peeled and chopped tomatoes.


1.At first, one should place prunes and dried mushrooms in a medium bowl. Now, pour some water and boil till the mushrooms become tender.
2.Now, take a pan and put the vegetable oil into heat. Heat it for some time and then add fresh cabbage and chopped onions into it.
3.Place the bowl into the oven and add the sauerkraut i.e. fermented cabbage. After some time take it out and transfer the content of bowl into the pan.
4.Add the boneless chicken meat and tomatoes. Add a pinch of salt and pepper. Mix well the entire content and boil it around half an hour.
5.Finally, add aromatic leaves and serve the hot stew.

All these recipes are quite easy to prepare and ready to serve within half an hour. For private events such as brunch along with a few closed friends and special events such as birthday parties, Dinner For Valentine’s Day, Rose Day, Chocolate Day and business success parties, etc. these are the appropriate dishes to add in the menu. From a 5 year old kid to the fifty year old man, everyone can enjoy these. If somebody has newly started his restaurant then he can make the catering services more interesting by including the variety of stew dishes.


5 Star Canadian Recipes For Private Events And Special Events

The basic feature which makes a hotel or a restaurant successful is the quality of food being served over there. Two things which are quite obvious to be expected by a customer from a restaurant’s food are the taste and nutritive value. The taste is the factor with which a lot of experiments can be carried out. However, with nutritive value one is really not so independent to carry out experiments.

The restaurants in Canada are quite famous for their qualitative food which consists of both nutritive value as well as the taste. The hospitality services are also impressive. The chefs particularly of five star restaurants utilize high quality ingredients for the preparation of dishes. Usually, the banquet halls of such private restaurants are booked for the private events like engagement, wedding, etc.

Special events such as bachelor’s party, retirement parties, etc. are also organized perfectly by these restaurants and hotels. If someone is looking forward to hire a restaurant for a private or special event catering then he or she should make sure about including of certain dishes in the menu. The best dishes along with their compositions are enlisted as follows:

1. Americano: This single beverage is a perfect offering to the guests especially for the ladies. Around thirty milliliter of hot water is more added to espresso and Americano is ready to serve.

2. Muffins: This is considered as the favorite breakfast of most of the Canadian people. Its ingredients consist of all purpose flour, pastry flour, granular sugar, baking powder, whole milk, vanilla extract, eggs and shortening.

3. Maple Flavored Bacon meal: A chef can use white sugar and brown sugar along with a small teaspoonful of maple essence for the preparation of maple syrup. Bacon dipped in this syrup is a perfect cuisine to be served.

4. Stew: It is an all time most liked dish. One can make it in both vegetarian and non vegetarian manner. Coconut milk can be used to prepare the gravy.

All these dishes can easily be prepared within a few minutes. The chefs of 5 star restaurants assure that the quality of ingredients used must be of supreme quality so that the final dish which will be prepared and serve to the customers should be ultimate in taste and of great nutritive value.


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